In search of the perfect allround bike, all paths lead towards the STERZING.

No compromises required – As a reliable partner in the big-city-jungle
it makes an elegant appearance at all times.
Take it to the mountains and it will interact smoothly with the environment,
going both up- and downhill in flawless style and effort.


Bikes that stand alone. At the top. Incomparable. Simply extraordinary.
To achieve this we designed carbon frames that are highly presentable
and that expose us and our ideas. We meticulously select
and combine the most suitable,
tried and tested components.


Boundless valleys, vertical street canyons, endless mountain panoramas, hectic rush hours. DAS STERZING effortlessly takes on all these duties and always persuades the feeling of being the perfect bike in the right situation. Thanks to its classic / modern coloring, the way to work appears just as elegant as the ride through styled-out mountain roads.


Narrow serpentine ascents, steep slopes, gravel, rocks and boulders: trails are where we discover them, provided the bike performance is right. DAS SPITZING provides enough armory to tackle new trails and experience new terrain. Time to discover the world; DAS SPITZING makes it possible.

ZELL – alternativlos modern

Das Ende von entweder oder. Das ZELL wurde als erste Wahl für alle geschaffen, die es leid sind, wählen zu müssen. Stadt oder Land. Schlamm oder Kopfsteinpflaster. Explosiver Start in die Rush Hour oder Adrenalinrausch beim Up- und Downhill. Egal welche Herausforderung – das ZELL packt sie alle.


Cities are changing and opening up to cyclists. More and more people are discovering totally new perspectives on the streets and places in their surroundings. In order to get through town quickly without being stuck in traffic, there is no better way to do so than on a SCHWABING; someone looking for performance without giving up their own style will not get past it.